Custom Handmade Saddle Blankets by Christina Bergh

A drawing of a dog in the back of a pickup truck with a saddle blanket hanging over the tailgate.

Browse through our portfolio of beautiful custom made hand-woven Saddle Blankets. All of our blankets are made by hand by Christina Bergh at the Brown Cow Studio in Santa Fe using the finest pure Merino or Mohair wool yarns.

Because all of the blankets shown on this page are examples of blankets that are custom woven after you place your order, we can custom weave any of our patterns in any color scheme you wish, or we can even custom design a totally new pattern for you.

Original western-style saddle blanket designs by Christina Bergh

We dye all of our yarn by hand in our studio, which means we can even custom match colors if you want your saddleblanket to coordinate with your clothing or tack. Send us a sample of the colors to match to, and we can match it. There is an extra charge for color matching due to the time involved in formulating the dye to match.

Call or email for details on custom ordering your blanket. Remember that all of our blankets are personally woven by master textile artist Christina Bergh here in our Santa Fe, New Mexico studio.

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A selection of Browncow Saddleblankets on display


Most of the saddle blankets shown below are examples of blankets we have woven in the past. All are sold as custom orders now because many customers ask to make changes in color or design. Each is one of a kind; due to the handmade nature of these beautiful blankets, no two are exactly alike. Custom orders currently require four weeks to fulfill due to volume of orders.

Colors shown may vary in the final product due to the individual handmade nature of these blankets. We dye all of our yarn by hand, one batch at a time so colors can vary slightly from blanket to blanket. Remember also that computer monitors very in their color rendering. Please request a set of yarn samples when ordering your blanket. We're happy to make them and send them out before weaving your custom made saddle blanket to ensure you get exactly the colors you desire.

Order your blanket online or call us at 505-988-4893. When calling, order with the item number under the blanket, or tell us what you envision and we can create it.

add a leather name plaque to any saddle blanket we sell

Hand-tooled leather name plaques are available for any blanket we weave. They make a beautiful alternative to our Branded Blankets at an attractive price.


Pricing for our custom woven saddle blankets varies depending upon the complexity of the pattern and number of colors needed, as well as the type of yarn used.

Our standard multi-color Merino wool saddle blankets start at $374.99, and most patterns can be done at that price. Please call or email for exact pricing of the pattern you choose.

Solid Color Merino wool saddle blankets are $349.99

We also offer the option of heavier Mohair yarn. Mohair blankets start at $449.99 for most patterns. Please call or email for exact pricing of the pattern you choose.

Other options available for an additional charge include wear leathers in a variety of styles, felt underpads, fleece liner pads, leather decorative plaques, and decorative strips of handmade beadwork designs or handmade hitched horsehair patterns. Please call or email for pricing of these options.


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A Blanket and Beadwork Set in Motion

Custom Saddle Blanket and Beaded Tack Set.

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Antilope Ridge

Antelope Ridge Saddle Blanket by Christina for The Brown Cow.

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Apache Trail

Handwoven Saddle blanket by Christina Bergh in Santa Fe.

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[ 401 ] Items



Below are some more patterns that we can weave. The colors shown are for display only, the actual blanket can be woven in any colors you choose. We can even custom match colors to your riding outifit or tack. The patterns can be woven horizontally or vertically.

saddleblanket patterns

a horse wearing one of our Brown Cow Saddleblankets won the William Shatner Western Pleasure award at the 2007 Colorado Classic Horse Show

Brown Cow customer David Bruce and his horse, Doubletrees Victorious won the William Shatner Western Pleasure Award at the 2007 Colorado Classic Horse Show while wearing our Handmade Saddleblanket "A Sentimental Era". Click the photo to order one for your award winner!

Original western-style saddle blanket designs by Christina Bergh