Custom Made Hitched Horsehair Belts by Colorado Horsehair

Colorado Horsehair hitched horsehair belts shown full length

"Hitching" with horsehair involves making stitches similar to half-hitch knots in a concentric arrangement on a wooden or wire dowel. This technique is the method for making the exciting geometric designs. The larger tubes are flattened, hand tooled leather billets are added, and a distinctive Horsehair "Hitched" belt is created.

We carry Hitched Belts by Colorado Horsehair

We also offer Hitched Horsehair Belts by Colorado Horsehair. They offer thier own selection of patterns, and additionally they allow you to choose Narrow or Normal width belts, choices of buckles, and leather choices. Because these are custom made, they can take a few months to complete. Please call us to order, so that we can let you know how long it will take. $425 each.

Before ordering, please note the seven options below:

1) Pattern. See the patterns below and order by the pattern's letter code or name.

2) Width of the belt: We offer 1-3/8" mens belts and 1" women's belts.

3) Color of the leather billet. See photo below.

4) Billet style. Wide or tapered.

5) Billet texture. Smooth, basketweave tooling, or floral tooling.

6) Buckle style. See photo below. Narrow, wide engraved, or wide brushed-metal.

7) Size. Lengths from 26" to 44" are available.

Billet options for colorado horsehair hitched belts.

Billets are available in your choice of Black, Brown, or Tan and can be smooth leather or beautifully hand-tooled in either basketweave or floral. Choose wide or tapered billets.

hitched horsehair belt buckle choices. Narrow, wide engraved, and wide brushed metal

Three buckles are available. Brushed metal, wide engraved, and narrow.

Choose your pattern below. Order by the letter codes shown.

Hitched horsehair belt patterns

hitched horsehair belt patterns from colorado horsehair

Our all natural handmade horsehair belts are the perfect match for any western attire and are available in men's and women's widths. Be sure to check out our selection of beautiful handmade horsehair hatbands and horsehair bracelets. They match beautifully to our belts.

Please note that these are custom made after you order, so it can be as long as 8 weeks after you order before we have it ready to ship.

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Custom Made Hitched Horsehair Belts by Colorado Horsehair

Write in your choices for Size and Pattern.

Sizes available: 26" to 44"

If you have any questions, please call.

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