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Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boot Combo

Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boot Combo


For many years, customers had asked us to make a combination Sports Medicine Boot and bell boot. Professional's Choice recognized the need in the market, but analysis of the few existing combo boots showed one inherent problem: they restricted the range of motion of the horse's pastern. So, Professional's Choice developed their Combo Boots with the idea in mind to make a support boot and bell boot combination that doesn't inhibit the horse's movement.

The solution was very simple. Professional's Choice attached a neoprene bell boot to the award winning Sports Medicine Boots II® with a small leather strip right under the fetlock-and it worked. With this hinge they had produced a combo boot that allowed the horse to be fully protected and still have freedom of movement.

However, this was not the only concern in making the Combo Boots. They had to be durable and they had to provide the ultimate protection for the horse. That is why Professional's Choice combined their award-winning SMB IIs® with our uniquely-designed neoprene bell boot. The SMB IIs powerful ability to absorb energy helps fight fatigue from extensive workouts or competition which cuts down on the risk of career-ending internal leg injuries. Plus, they provide 360 degrees of external protection against injuries like splints. And, the neoprene covered bell boots with Ballistic binding protect the sensitive areas of the hoof from overreach injuries.

Features & benefits
" Ballistic Binding at Base of the Bell Boot - Very durable and won't fray from repeated contact with the ground
" Hinge-attached Bell Boot - Won't interfere with natural movement
" Radius-cut Straps - Easier to grip and apply, and gives finished appearance
" Nylon-lined Neoprene - Comfortable for the horse because it won't rub
" Lined with UltraShock - Provides 360 degrees of protection and shock absorption
" Hook Fasteners - Convenient application and easily adjustable for a perfect fit
" Sewn-on Suspensory Strap - Elasticity helps support suspensory ligaments and easy to replace
" Made of Closed-cell, Limestone-based Neoprene - Won't crack or crumble, returns to its original shape even after thousands of repetitions, has all-way stretch for comfort and support, easy to maintain, absorbs shock, and won't absorb sweat or bacteria
" Made Using the SMB II and Bell Boot - Has all the benefits of the Sports Medicine Boot

Made In USA

Item number: profchoice-SMBC100

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