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Brown Cow SALE Corral : Saddleright Pads

SaddleRight Orthopedic Competition pads are the finest saddle pads available. Made in USA by SaddleRight, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada and designed by a Chiropractic Physician to properly support the weight of saddle and rider on your horse's back without causing strain on the horse's muscles or skeletal structure.

The unique material protects the horse's muscles, skeleton, and lymphatic system for damaging pressure. Unlike air or gel pads, SaddleRight's pads don't simply divert pressure from the saddle bars to other parts of the horse's back. The patented SaddleRight design absorbs pressure without compressing and flatteneing the pad over years of use as other materials can do. Dr. Michael R. Freeman designed these pads so that the sides can move independently, just as your horse's sides do when it moves. Much more comfortable for the horse. SaddleRight's pads are guaranteed for life, and many SaddleRight customers have pads that are over 20 years old that are still in daily use!


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